Here at Global Bankers Search and Selection (GBSS) we recognise that each Client is different, so in order to appeal to as many Clients as possible we offer Clients a wide and flexible range of services to ensure that our Clients’ needs are met as speedily and as accurately as possible. Apart from Recruiting across the Financial Services and Banking arena, we also cover Middle Management through to Senior Executive level mandates across all Industries.

Please see the list of different approaches below and find out which service would best suit the needs of you and your Company.

Contingency Search
Retained Business
Executive Search
Contracts Search


Simply means all Recruitment business conducted on a ‘No Placement No Fee’ basis.

Once a Job Brief has been agreed upon, Clients will agree to pay a finder’s fee for each successful applicant. This fee is based on a percentage of a successful Candidates total first years’ salary and cash allowances.

Candidates will then be sourced via a selection of methodologies including Networking, Advertising and through the extensive in-house Company database.

This type of Recruitment is especially suited where a Company’s needs are numerically small and/or when Global Bankers Search and Selection is dealing with a new Client for the first time.

Contingency is often used as a cost effective Recruitment method and it allows a Company to sample the service that Global Bankers Search and Selection offer before committing to any long-term agreements.

Retained Business:

This means that Clients agree to pay part of the Recruitment Fee up front in order to have a Team of dedicated Consultants to work each requirement as a priority.

We would use Head-Hunting, Networking as well as Advertising and Database Searches to find the ideal Candidates.

In this case Clients would agree to pay Global Bankers Search and Selection in three instalments;

30% to begin the Assignment;
30% on delivery of a Candidate Shortlist, the timescales of which are agreed beforehand;
40% on the intake of every Successful Candidate.

As in Contingency, Global Bankers Search and Selections fee is based on a potential Candidates first year salary and cash allowances.

Retained Search is favoured by Clients wishing to plan their Recruitment in specific time frames. In addition, when searching for certain niche skill-sets, a Head-Hunting Campaign is the only option to deliver the very best in the market place.

This approach guarantees the highest possible quality of Candidate through employing a service superior to that of Contingency Search. Clients benefit from a dedicated team of Consultants, delivering the very best Candidates to specific time scales.

Executive Search

This form of Search is ideal for Clients looking to target Candidates from the upper quartile of the market.

It works in a similar way to Contingency work except for 2 key differences:-

Firstly, Candidates will be Head-Hunted by Global Bankers Search and Selection from a list of specific companies outlined by the Client, and secondly a dedicated Consultant or Team will be assigned to deliver a set number of Candidates within specific time frames.

It is typically used for very Senior Positions that need to be conducted with a degree of secrecy and tact.

Global Bankers Search and Selection Executive Search means the Client will benefit from receiving Candidates that are not necessarily looking for new employment and therefore, will be motivated to move for reasons other than money or discontentment. In addition, Clients can gain a direct competitive advantage over their closest competitors by attracting their most valuable resources.

Contracts Search

Global Bankers Search and Selection feel this form of Search is at its most useful where short term and/or extremely difficult vacancies arise.

It works in the same way as Contingency Recruitment except people are hired for a limited time period and can be employed.

This is the perfect solution when Companies need Specialists or “SME’s” for limited Project Work.

By employing Contractors Clients can achieve a quick and effective solution without having to increase their permanent headcount. When Projects have been completed, Clients can offload their additional headcount without the aggravation of redundancies.

If you’re looking for Staff…

If you’re looking to add to your Team, whether at an Executive Management level or Mid Manager experienced level, give Global Bankers Search & Selections Team a Call Today! Our Clients range from small independent Boutiques to some of the best known International/Multinational names in Banking and Financial Services industry.

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If you looking for a fresh approach and have talked to other Recruitment Companies, try us and you’ll be pleased you did. We will add value and have unique Candidates sourced via Head Hunting and Networking methods rather than your usual CV Trawling. Our Fees are competitive and the level of service we give to our Clients will exceed your expectations. When we understand your business, we can understand your requirements and we can find you the people to best suit your Vacancies and your Company. You’ll get an honest appraisal of everybody that may suit your position, so that you can make an informed choice. Contact us today for details of our Terms of Business and to see how we can help you.